Chip fixes everything (1999)

Chip opens a repair shop. Now he will mend and fix everything. But even though he is working really hard, things are not going the way he expects. But the customers are happy and all the things that was left behind turns out to be very useful.

In the sixth book about Harvey, his friend Chip gets the leading role. He opens a repair shop with the help of Harvey, but "fails" with all the repairs. Harvey shows a lot of indulgence, since the customers are so happy. Finally the two friends build a sort of craft of the remaining stuff.

This book has never been published in English.

Excerpts from the book

Click in the small image to show a high-resolution version. Note, these excerpts are from the Swedish edition.

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Chip opens a repair shop
Mrs Elm needs a re-design
Many things were left

The original Swedish title "Frippe lagar allt" is published by Alfabeta Bokförlag.